Jordan Lomeli – “No Wrong” | @iamjordanlomeli |


R&B and Soul singer/songwriter Jordan Lomeli was born to serve through sound. Jordan is of Mexican + Asian descent, with Spanish being her second language, music, her first. Deeply rooted in classical music, Jordan has studied piano + cello from a young age. This eclectic young musician exists outside of genre, infusing r&b, pop, and urban soul into her classical melodies. Her charm rests in her radical vulnerability.

After losing her father to suicide at the age of 10, she began to use music to fill the gap his absence created. Her father would sing to her while playing the guitar, and she believes the melodies she hears to this day are messages sent from her angel, as he was the one who inspired her to play cello as a child.

Her upbringing was rocky as she couldn’t make sense of the loss of her father, and was unable to accept the presence of her stepfather. By the time she graduated high school, she had run away from home three times. However, she wasn’t so much “running away” as she was looking for herself. She felt alone and unloved, but music provided her comfort, it was her first unconditional love.

Music provides Jordan a space to exorcise all of her demons, fears, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. She hopes to inspire her listeners to face their darkness and find their light.

Jordan is set to release an EP in the final quarter of 2018.


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