Joseph Luca Releases New Single “I’m Sorry”

Joseph Luca is a rebellious provocateur who, like David Bowie and Prince, is self-aware enough to expose masculinity’s seeming contradictions such as strength and vulnerability, while embracing them.

Born in a small city outside of Los Angeles called Ojai, Joseph’s parents split when he was four years old after his father moved to New York to pursue acting. He found himself constantly looking for father figures in his life before deciding to take that role upon himself. Joseph initially poured his emotions into dancing before he decided to become a musical artist.

“Music is my way of telling you how I feel whereas dancing is my way of showing you.”

He studied music at CalArts where he honed in on his musical abilities as a guitarist, bassist, writer, and vocalist. Once he felt sufficient enough in all of those fields, he felt a responsibility to bring his own stories to life and become an artist. In his raw and soulful track, “I’m Sorry”, reflects on the demise of a 5-year relationship; Joseph wrote the song on his guitar in real time as his ex-girlfriend casually described her new happy and healthy relationship.


“My music touches onto something a lot of men are afraid to tap into. Men are commonly not in tune with the feminine side of themselves that exists whether they like it or not. I’m here to redefine everything a man can be and music is my weapon of choice.”


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