Josiah Hawley – “Gonna Let You Go”

Josiah Hawley releases “Gonna Let You Go,” which is a pop/soul single that is drivingly rhythmic with a rocky edge to the vocals that might have you thinking Bruno Mars and Freddie Mercury met in an alternate universe and had a writing session. Inspired by the sounds of James Brown, American singer/songwriter Josiah Hawley surprises with his first single release from Tokyo.

Hawley wrote and recorded the single with a friend in LA and finished producing and mixing it from Tokyo.

The single possesses an energy that’s driving and rhythmic, evocative of James Brown strutting across the stage waving his hands in the air. It’s the song Hawley hopes will reintroduce fans to who he is as an artist after years of silence on the original music front and show them that he has much more to say.



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