Why is a Force Like Joyner Lucas Underrated?

Why is Joyner Lucas Underrated?

Time after time this guy doesn’t disappoint. Joyner Lucas is an impeccable artist, one of a kind. Listening to Joyner’s music gets me excited and has me looking forward to hearing more. I don’t understand why this dude hasn’t popped yet. He meets the criteria to be mention with the Kendricks and the J Coles of the world. He has it all; concept matter, delivery, messages, originality, etc. I say that Mr. Lucas has promise as being the next one up in the music industry.

Music today is difficult when separating the songs from the artist. In a similar way, every artist has adopted the Migos’ Versace flow pattern. What I like about Joyner’s music is that he doesn’t sound like that. I like his music because he speaks on real topics in society. Joyner is an amazing story teller too. You could almost match him up to Slick Rick in a sense. In addition to Jhis music, the visuals are on point. Every video matches the concept of the record which is very rare to see when it comes to the visual standpoint.

About Joyner Lucas

To sum up everything in a nut shell., Joyner Lucas is a force to be reckoned with in this industry of music. I want to see more from this guy. Since signing with Atlantic records in late September of 2016, he’s been on straight grind mode. He has been consistent with releasing material such as he freestyles over beats like Panda, DNA, Mask Off, etc. The songs are always on point as well. This above video is his latest one titled Forever.  This song is off his new album, (508)-507-2209. Forever is a powerful record about a father talking to his son about how he regrets the hateful words he once said. I’m eagerly looking forward to the day Joyner lands within the upper echelon of Hip Hop…








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