Jpaulished gives us the first single’s anthem of 2018, “Top Down” | @Jpaulished |


What happens when you want to take the relationship up a notch? Will you turn flaky and falter or take the next step? Jpaulished visits this situation on his new single, “Top Down” –

Jpaulished is a twenty-two year old artist specializing in the genre of Hip Hop, although he often branches out into other genres of music. He has been making variations of music since a young age, but didn’t take it seriously until 2016. He attended College for 2 years (School which cannot be named) and studied Sports Communication and Fashion Design. He dropped out in 2016 after the school failed to meet his expectations of what education should be. His first song “Lately” dropped in 2016, which was the start of his mission to drop a song every 10 days.

He has since expanded his music to all platforms with his first being “Mr Rose” which dropped back in July. His goal is to stay consistent with quality music that can either help people have a great time or help people out of a dark point in their life. He also has aspirations to get into the fashion world at some point whether it be modeling, designing or both.

Listen to his latest relationship-based single, “Top Down”, which looks to be 2018’s first single’s anthem.