Jubee Kane | Triple HQ Exclusive Interview | @JubeeKane

Jubee Kane

Georgia rapper Jubee Kane is no stranger to the hustle.

Born and raised in a small county outside of Atlanta, the southern gentleman has never Jubee Kanebeen afraid to get his hands dirty; whether it’s in the streets or behind the mic. His drive and dedication is the culmination of years of refinement, multiple prison stays and decades of creativity resonating in his music. And, despite enduring trials and tribulations along the way, Jubee refuses to let anyone see him sweat.

With his new single 6 Month Run featuring Ralo making its way across the nation, Jubee Kane has been busier than ever! But balancing his evolving career, loving his family and remaining on his hustle is nothing to fret. Instead, Jubee is grinding harder than ever before, confident and sure that all he needs to reach the top is a 6-month run.

Hip Hop Headquarters sat down with Jubee Kane in Atlanta to discuss his new project 6 Month Run, collaborating with rapper Ralo and overcoming the streets to find ultimate success and happiness.


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