JuJu King x SAM9 – Coming Over (Video)

After a quiet year due to split from their management and label deal as well as internal reorganizations, FRIIIDAY is officially releasing sounds again. From their now independent music manufactory, they are ready to show a glimpse of what is yet to come: solo’s, features and other new musical twists! “Coming Over” (JuJu King feat. SAM9) is the first release they rolling with and an official video has been lined up as well.

The three artists, JuJu KingLiv Gold and SAM9 have mutually decided to explore single options and future alternatives projects as well, focusing on making the name “FRIIIDAY”, not just a pure music group anymore, but rather a brand and self-made establishment instead.

You can expect music in different languages, genres and more personalized sounds from the three themselves, allowing them to truly show off more of their own vibes and creations. The end of the year 2019/2020 should be an interesting one for their listeners, since they’ve only released music as a trio in the past. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and waves being thrown your way and pick your own poison! ..

“We operate in the dark to spark a light” ..




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