After kicking off the countdown for his second solo album ‘40 Acres N Sum Mula’ with Farhot (Isaiah Rashad, Nneka) produced anthem ‘Babylon’JuJu Rogers releases ‘Follow Me’.

The second single taken from his upcoming LP is an energetic and fierce rap track playing with the bittersweet temptations JuJu Rogers sees himself confronted with as an up-and-coming rapper. ‘Follow Me’ drops on September 6th via Jakarta Records with accompanying visuals directed by Ante Milio.

The song is split in two parts – good vs evil – and was produced by Modha, The Kii and Crada (DrakeKid Cudi). “The idea behind the song is clearly the dualistic temptation of good vs evil. I feel like I am at a stage in my career, where I continually have to make decisions between the two. Especially when you’re in a phase of weakness or feel insecure material things and a certain lifestyle can be tempting. That’s what I tried to show in ‘Follow Me’: Sheytan trying to seduce JuJu and showing how easy it could be vs. God/Allah, who responds in the second part and puts a twist on the plot.” – JuJu Rogers

The visuals for ‘Follow Me’ were shot in Berlin with director talent Ante Milio and – like the song – is split in to two parts: “The first part is about living lavish in a Berlin loft. Fast life with drugs, money and alcohol, basically having no worries at all and living a chilled life. The second part is inspired by the ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ video by Bob Marley: Souljahs with natty hair in nature. It shows a close connection to community and nature as a clear contrast to the first part. In order to find God within I feel like nature is a very important place to experience.” – Ante Milio

Upcoming Shows:

Thursday, 26th September

Support for Jay Electronica – Gretchen, Berlin

‘Follow Me’ is available from September 6th via Jakarta Records.


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