June Releases “A little messed up”

Acclaimed songwriter & producer team turns debut act and releases second single “A Little Messed Up”

June is a brand new Copenhagen trio consisting of the friends Celine Svanback, Jeppe London and Lauritz Emil Christiansen, who are all members of the music collective Official Music where they first met.

They are all part of the creating process contributing to songwriting, producing and playing instruments on all songs, with Celine’s significant vocals in front.

June’s visual identity is impressive unseen animated universe with neon lights, noir and melancholic mood accompanying the music. The universe will gradually introduce and reveal actual sides of the three artist’s personalities and distinctions.

‘Chills’ was the debut single from the trio and was released 27th of September and already got several Danish radio adds including the biggest national radio in Denmark. Less than one month after June is ready with follow-up and focus single “A Little Messed Up”.

Together the three have penned or produced songs streaming over 100 million combined and they have contributed to multiple top 10 songs already.

Lately they have worked as a producerteam with Danish a-list artists and have been part of international writing camps in US and Europe, but a natural question is, how do they work when they are June.

“We are always very much aligned when we discuss what direction a song should take. We are also really chilled, and often we don’t need to talk too much because we are all focused on out thing. The studio for us is a personal space where we allow each other to say anything and open up in any thinkable way”, says Celine.

Lauritz continues: “We find it incredibly inspiring to dig deep into each other’s past and experiences. I am always inspired when we are all in the same room. Jeppe’s determination and Celine’s tone always ignites me to be creative. Together we always get inspiration from images, movies, emotions and people around us.

Music links

Linkfire: https://June.lnk.to/ALittleMessedUp


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