Kado Barlatier – ‘Hundred Round Kado’ | @KadoBarlatier


Hundred Round Kado

A Haitian son with a Boston flow, Kado Barlatier displays his ability to paint pictures of the streets with vigorous words in the visual for his newest track Hundred Round Kado. Unafraid and unashamed to openly discuss his hood history in each verse, Kado stands transparently in the trap ready to blow a fuse or take aim at anything moving.

The self-proclaimed “gunman”, Kado Barlatier’s recurring experiences of living and surviving the streets is a vivid illustration clearly painted by Kado’s irate, high energy flow. Driven by life experiences that make progress difficult, the New England rapper bleeds out on Hundred Round Kado; giving life to a different thought pattern within the trap genre and providing a therapy for a young man coping with the hardship of the struggle.

Directed by 1 PapiFilms, Hundred Round Kado meshes well with the millennial, trap sound taking over the genre and shines a red light on the Boston rapper making his way towards success.