Kaileah Mariee is back with a brand new sexually charged video for #FST (F*ck Some Tonight). The emerging singer/songwriter holds nothing back as she boldly tell her man what she wants.

Inspired by many of the greatest to ever do it, Mariee embodies elements from several legendary R&B singers into a sound that’s all her own.

“My early influences would have to be Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Tamia, Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, and Destiny’s Child. Tamia’s “You Put A Move On My Heart” was the first song that truly made me want to be a singer and is one of my favorite songs even today.”

While she hold the highest regards for the iconic acts of the past, she is makes music for today’s listeners, taking advantage of the creative freedom current acts enjoy.

“What sets me apart from other artists is that I work hard to find my own sound and not be an imitation by making sure I’m involved in every step of the process. I ensure everything has a piece of me in it.”


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