Kalmly – Going Down This Road

Going Down This Road is a song about coming to terms with an upsetting phase in your life – today we’re faced with the constant pressure of being happy 24/7, given how when anything goes amiss, we’re bombarded with pictures of perfect couples, people living seemingly idealistic lifestyles, etc. through social media. The idea behind the song was to accept the fact that circumstance works against you in these times, motivating you to get through it with the promise of better times ahead. (“I guess I’m going down this road. I guess I need my time alone.”)

The chorus of the song features four distinct vocal harmonic layers in the chorus (no digital manipulation of pitch for harmonies, they were organically recorded), and a call and response arrangement between the voice and a Turkish Zither.

Going Down This Road is part of the album Evil Intentions. The following are a few words about the album.


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