Karamore-Jong Releases “Tuesday”

Karamore-Jong is full of so much soul, it flows into everything he does. Whether it’s trap music, boom bap, r&b, creative direction for music videos, graphic design, etc., his heart drives his soul and so the purity in his music is gold.

Karamore can freestyle, write, sing, produce and direct all thanks to his desire to learn and be great at what he does. That said, the reason he is where he is today in music is because he has multiple stories to tell and is seeking a larger audience and platform with music.

His flow dances like greats; B.I.G, Kendrick and Eminen with similar lyrical prowess, but do not let these names fool you because at 21 years of age he is just as much a contender for new age music.

Under different aliases including JMC, Zaddy Jong, and SonofaPriest, he has guest featured on multiple songs nationally, from New York to L.A and performed multiple shows in Maryland (where he currently resides) and New York State.

A Sony Music Group Affiliate once deemed him determined to succeed and today he receives praises alike from people of different backgrounds.

Karamore-Jong’s music can be found on Soundcloud, Youtube, and eventually all streaming platforms when his EP “For the Cranes” drops.


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