KC Makes Music – Powerful

KC Makes Music

KC Makes Music hits the track with a fully charged battery and presents a full video for the “Powerful” AF single

Born into a family with musical roots that run deep on both sides, KC Makes Music was destined to find his niche in performing. After moving from Connecticut to Southern California at 5 years old and traveling regularly as he grew, KC was exposed to Hip Hop of not just East and West coast, but South and Midwest as well. It was in his early teens he became enthralled with a wide variety of hip hop artists. He was drawn to the works of Tupac, Nas, Eminem and The Game, but was especially influenced by Atmosphere and Immortal Technique, as well as less commercialized artists such as Benefit, Jakki Da Motamouth, and Copywrite.

KC has been honing his lyrical skills for the past 15 years, but has recently made a sole vocation of creating music, partnering with Jordan Meyer Productions, out of Windsor, Connecticut. His usage of different genres blend together showcasing his flexibility in musical expression. Overcoming addiction and mental health issues are a part of KC’s story. The way he weaves his experiences into his lyrical content creates an optimistic vibe that most anyone can relate. KC is looking to share his unique vernacular, bringing a fresh sound to the current market, stepping away from mumble rap and toning down the auto-tune. He believes that it is possible to create the “vibe” that is demanded by today’s music industry, while still remaining true to lyrical content.

For the past two years, KC has been in the studio, writing, networking and expanding his knowledge of the business. In February 2018, KC was well received as he performed live at Gathering of the Artists: A Fundraising Event for Locks of Love, in New Haven, Connecticut. He looks forward to continuing to express his rhetoric, both live and through various media sources. As of November 10, 2018, he is releasing his debut album, Powerless, featuring his single, All Good Things, which has had positive responses since its release on Spotify and Apple Music.


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