Kendra & the Bunnies – “Speak Kesey” | @kenbunny |

Speak Kesey is a look into Kendra’s mind. She speaks from a day in the life of her daydreams. Pairing standard piano with acoustic guitar and distant drums, Speak Kesey sounds a trip into a fantasy world of love.

Kendra & the Bunnies’ debut album, “of Vinyl”, is an organic singer-songwriter approach to the open heartlands of Love.Where were you when you first knew the feeling of adrenaline,bunnies hopping around your stomach? The sheer rush of life zapping fingertips into motion into panic, run home and grab the guitar, grab the pencil, and scribble until the ink-well runs dry. Where were you when you saw between the open shields of curtains in resurfaced memory? Where were you when you reclaimed your soul, retrieval of freedom in action? I was here, am, in the now with You in Verse; breathing the same air I do. It is a tale of allegoric love.


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