Kenny Orlando – Moonrocks & Fijiwater ft. Jo$e Zavala | @KayBoogzz |



Kenny Orlando is an independent Latino rapper from Long Island, NY. He recently opened at Amityville for Robb Bank$ and Kid Trunks, adding to the long roster of his opening performances including Pro Era and Lil Xan. Kenny uses his single “Brown Bag” (Watch Video) off his album to display his frustrations with money, his drug use, and mental health as a Latino. He calls himself the “Salvadorian anti-hero”, because he often felt outcast by his community for alternative tendencies such as smoking too much weed, listening to punk rock, skateboarding, and having loads of piercings and tattoos.

Kenny is maturing as an artist and person, and now wants to be the face of alt Salvadorian/Latino rap. He wants to dispel stereotypes about drug use while propelling the culture forward. As the lead member of rap collective, Divine 9, he always puts on for them, showing how attached he is to the community.

Listen to his singles “All Night” and “Moonrocks & Fiji Water”

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