When Kevin Hart started his opening act on Saturday Night Live, many people on Twitter were taken back by what he said, especially about moms.

Hart, 38, who was the host of Saturday Night Live this week, revealed during his opening monologue that now that his son Kenzo Kash has been born, he could admit “that I wasn’t excited about having a baby in the beginning.”

“When we had the idea of having a baby, I wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t know if I wanted a baby. That’s just me being honest, don’t judge me,” he said.

Then he spent time dragging moms in an attempt at a horribly sexist joke.

“You never heard a kid say, ‘I can’t wait to get home and play with my mom,'” Hart said as part of his routine. “You ain’t never heard that. ‘Can’t wait for mommy and me time.’ That don’t exist. Don’t no kids say that. All the fun responsibility lies on the shoulder of the father.”



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