Keyshia Cole Will Rock Stage At The Fillmore On Black Friday


Keyshia Cole Will Rock Stage At The Fillmore On Black Friday

Keyshia Cole will be making her way back to Charlotte, North Carolina on November 24th. The R&B superstar hasn’t touched the stage at Fillmore since the release of her Point of No Return album.

Well K.C looks to bless everyone during Thanksgiving Weekend with a live exclusive concert. Black Friday is the day where everybody looks to purchase all the wonderful things they wanted all year, so it’s only right that Keyshia Cole promotes her new 11:11 Reset Album on this big day.

Two years ago she linked up with Mr. Woods at Coyote Joe’s as her hype man. They bodied the stage together and fans were extremely excited. He also made a guest appearance in KC “Love” video during the beginning of her career. You can find him wearing the Burgundy sweater, popping bottles with Keyshia, Tyrese, and Fonzworth Bentley.

According to an incredible source who works closely with Keyshia Cole, although it has been said that Mr. Woods will be in the building with her.  As of yet we don’t know if he will be blazing the stage with her once again, but it would be great to see them two together putting on a dope performance. Check out some of the throwback footage and let us know if y’all would like to see them unite on stage.

Highly recommended y’all get your tickets now on Live Nation. This is going be an epic event y’all don’t want to miss out on.


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