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Khaleel Mandel As 2017 comes to a close, upstart MC Khaleel Mandel speaks on his devotion to the dollar and the many sides to his relationship with the greenbacks.

Bridgeport, CT native Khaleel Mandel closes out 2017 with his Funk fueled new single “Dollar$.” Self-produced by Khaleel, the song punches as well as embodies 70s funk mixed with two pinches of reggae vibes. A motif of this track is to master thyself, while acknowledging a deep affection for a tool that plays a big role in your progression.

Khaleel Mandel on “Dollar$”:

I wanted to rap over some funk. When I made the beat first I had the aesthetics of Sidney Poiter’s “Let’s Do it Again” in mind. This’s a record where I’m utilizing one of my favorite tools – Personification. I’m not only talking about my open affection for the dollar itself, I’m expressing many shades and sides of my relationship with the asset. I’m exercising an ability to master comprehending dollars’ roles, while grappling with a power of my own I’ve only recently discovered. Mastering myself.”


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