KIALLA Release First Single Kotton Kandy off Upcoming Album | @KIALLA__ |

Today, KIALLA shared their new single “Kotton Kandy”, an ominous yet infectious track with a raw untamed sound. The song is a graphic depiction of hedonistic attempts to get over an addiction, whatever it may be. Cotton Candy is an allegory for a seemingly sweet and innocent treat that in fact, can have a damaging effect on a person; as it has no beneficial nutrients and can be considered a poison. The lyric “I see your fingerprints maze” epitomizes the strength of addiction and the fact that upon first contact with it, it will chase you for the rest of your existence.

The track is built around slowed down jungle/Drum’n bass drum breaks, vocal pauses and vocal chops mixed with crowd ambiance to create a mysterious atmosphere that embodies our feelings with addictions.



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