KIALLA Release New Single “Rusty Toys” | @KIALLA__ |

KIALLA just released a new single, “Rusty Toys”. The track reflects on how the American Dream can sometimes feel like a nightmare. It underlines the burden of a 9-5 routine on the average person, as they go through days without any form of satisfaction in their life.

The duo had this to say about the meaning behind the song, “Do take a page out of this lesson plan and don’t wait until retirement age to find some happiness. There are always workaround ways to make life more exciting and not dedicated to scheduled hours behind the desk. Even if you can’t have the job of your dreams, work to live instead of the other way around.”

The electronic-leaning track features “glitchy” hi-hats and vocal chops mixed with industrial synth. The production is slick as always and successfully blends an electronic and hip-hop backdrop.

KIALLA recorded the song in Chicago and worked with Dan Konopka, principal member, drummer, producer, and remixer for Grammy Award-winning group OK Go. His mixing skills glow through the length of the track, culminating in the main synth melody between the verses and in the final part of the song. He ops for a harder, punchier palette that ultimately compliments KIALLA‘s unconventional style and fresh tone.


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