King Jazzy – “Blaze Out” (ft. Shortman Movement)

The coalescence of Harlem, NY and Jamaica, King Jazzy not only delivers the raw, irresistible sound of Jamaican-American dance music, but King Jazzy has lived it from his youth. A true hustler, Jazzy has been a relentless innovator and performer of his original music from coast to coast. His sound is unlimited its roots and future; a tasty blend of depth and hipness that he has lived since his youth and only naturally permeates his craft. A casual listen to his music reveals an artist of the great American song-crafting tradition as well as a tough, electronic-edged hip hop infused caribbean, just at home in the tropics.
Currently based in Detroit, MI, King Jazzy has been garnering attention from across the map with the release of “Blaze Out” — a collaboration with Ted Smooth and Shortman Movement, which also comes equipped with an official visual. There’s no denying the fact that King Jazzy is definitely in his own lane, but it’s the undeniable tone of the music that will ultimately lead to his success.



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