King Salomon – “Book of Salomon Chapter 2” (album) | @KingSalomon_ |


King Salomon

New Jersey’s King Salomon has returned to the music scene with his brand new EP, “Book of Salomon Chapter 2”, smothered in soulful production and brolic verbiage –

Salomon’s first EP, which dropped earlier this year, was praised for its in-depth lyrics and fresh outlook on life and music as he sees it. The next chapter dives deeper into the life and thoughts of King Salomon as he continues to grow in his personal and professional life. The lead single “Shine” featuring fellow New Jersey rapper Pr0phet has already gained a quick buzz within the Jersey hip hop scene.

The EP contains a combination of Jazz and RnB influences mixed with gritty, hard hitting lyrics. Tracks like “Dope” and “Real” show a mellow deep thinking artist who has accepted his reality and ready to take on anything life throws. Records like “Pressure” and “Shine” show the fearless, aggressive and outspoken side of this young up and coming artist.

Stream the full EP exclusively on Soundcloud.