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King Salomon is a Hip-Hop artist representing Roselle, NJ. Salomon has positioned himself as a major player in the expanding New Jersey Hip-Hop scene with his mood setting, lyrical style of music. Salomon’s cultural upbringing and living environment help craft this MC into a growing household name in the Tri-State area. The release of his project “The Book Of Salomon Chapter 1” received instant acclaim from peers and fans across the state. The debut project allowed Salomon to begin building a solid fan base.

The Book Of Salomon Chapter 2 continued the trend a combination of Jazz and RnB influences mixed with gritty, hard hitting lyrics. Tracks like “Dope” and “Real” show a mellow deep thinking artist who has accepted his reality and ready to take on anything life throws. Records like “Pressure” and “Shine” show the fearless, aggressive and outspoken side of Jersey MC.

King Salomon is looking to continue his moment with the release of his up coming project “Pain”. The project is the lead by the new single titled “Night Before” which is available on all streaming platforms. Expect “Pain” to be released later this year.


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