Kode Phive Announces Debut Single “When I Drop” | @KodePhive |

Rising California-based indie Hip Hop artist, Kode Phive, drops his incredible new single titled When I Drop. Rapping about making money and making it ‘rain’, Kode Phive gives a clear picture of what to expect when he drops. This song is for all of of the people who enjoy living the good life, and for those who want to know what the good life is really all about.

The California Bay Area based rapper is set to release two new songs as a follow-up to his debut single.

Rapping about making money and making it ‘rain’, Kode Phive gives a clear picture of what to expect when he drops. Kode Phive harmonizes perfectly over the synth-led track, that’s approporiately entitled, When I Drop. The track is backed by a thumping bass that’s sure to be heard boomin’ in every sound system, worldwide. When I Drop is an impressive hip hop debut, as Kode Phive – who’s known for his melodic flow, definitely brings enough fuel for the fire with his passionate display of rhyming skills from start to finish.

Not to outdo himself, Phive has also announced two new singles entitled Standing In The Rain and Teach Me How To Love, respectively. Both singles are slated for a Fall release.

Twitter: @KodePhive

Instagram: @KodePhive


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