Koffee – Toast (Remix by LoyalHustle)

The LoyalHustle Remix of Koffee’s “Toast” is a great interpretation giving it a more pop-like, tropical, summer EDM vibe. Making one of the biggest songs in the Caribbean accessible to a broader audience. LoyalHustle is a producer team from Europe aiming to “carrib-e-fy” pop music and “pop-e-fying” Caribbean music. Why? Well it’s summer after all.

#loyalhustle is a producer duo from Europe. The producers work(ed) for a couple caribbean related labels, produced pop and sound for tv and film. They now got back to what they love the most, connecting off-beat vibes with pop music. The duo consists of Loyal who ads deep reggae bass and Hustle who ads a shimmer of pop to the stew. The Dolphin is the perfect combination of the two as it is known as a most loyal animal and quite a hustler sometimes. Funfact: Did you know that there is a legend in the Amazonas region, that every time a young woman gives birth to a child and the father is unknown, it’s said the the pink river dolphin had to do something with it (true story). #followthedolphin


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