THQ Premiere: Kony Brooks – ‘All Hail The King’ [Album] | @KonyBrooks

Kony Brooks

The follow up to his 2016 album Kony Island 2, Boogie Down Bronx emcee Kony Brooks is a back and better than ever with his 10th solo project All Hail The King. A 14 track, Eastcoast masterpiece dripping with production from some of New York’s finest and a tasteful selection of strategic features, All Hail The King is an energy filled, sleeping giant. And Kony Brooks is about to wake up.

Kony BrooksA 90’s baby raised on Southern Boulevard in the belly of Hip Hop, Kony Brooks’ lyrical journey began as a child; never fantasizing about a life of grandeur but falling in love with rhythm and rhymes. As he grew older, music became more serious and Brooks joined a Hip Hop music based program at his high school that allowed him to flourish and mature as a creative.

It was there he linked up with other rappers who aided in Kony’s artistic development. Years spent hustling mixtapes and creating content in group settings culminated with Brooks joining forces with Teddy Graham to form the collective ICMG/2 Deep in 2015.

All Hail The King is a transparent blend of emotion and truth. Seasoned in his craft and Kony Brooksconfident in his flow, Kony Brooks attacks each record with a demeanor that engulfs the listener and demands attention. Tracks like Airplane Mode and Catch This Vibe provide an introspective glimpse into Brooks’ inner demons beyond the booth, while Waist Trainer and Day Dreamer prove his ability to blend an authentic, Eastcoast style with the current mainstream Hip Hop sound. Brooks snags fellow Bronx emcee and punchline king Mickey Factz to rip the beat apart on Rough, a high strung track oozing with the ragged cadence and fast-talking swagger that keeps listeners falling in love with Eastcoast lyricism over and over.

Fully aware of his power and equipped with the tools to maximize its potential, Kony Brooks solidifies himself as one of NYC’s rising indie voices slowly infiltrating the mainstream market. A thoroughbred son of Hip Hop shinning valiantly amongst his competition, Kony Brooks’ All Hail The King is a no skips album; each record edifying the soul of its listeners and encouraging their own elevation as Kony Brooks elevates to the top.







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