Lamboh Adasi “0ne Night”

Lamboh Adasi

Lamboh Adasi Releases a New Single “0ne Night”

Los Angeles’ Lamboh Adasi fits right into the wave of problematic kids.  Leading a misbehaved crew, Adasi and his friends have taken it into their own hands to forge their own style.  Creating all their own artwork, beats, and songs in house, Adasi and the Forever Late Night Crew look to establish themselves in the underground scene.
“0ne Night” is Adasi’s latest Soundcloud release and the first in his Forever Late Night series. Accompanied by Adasi’s signature styled adlibs and flows, “0ne Night” serves as a fitting soundtrack for late night antics.  The entire creation of the song, from making the beat to creating the cover art, all took place over the course of one night, a prominent theme of the song.  Be on the lookout for the next track in Adasi’s Forever Late Night series.


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