Landoh ft. Shy Grey – “Cali Dreamin”


Landoh is ready to take his talents to Cali. Bolting from his “small ass town” in Michigan in a “foreign” destined for a screaming groupie laden Hollywood  is Landoh‘s idea of a California dream. However, he also has the foresight to recognize the potential pitfalls of being young, overeager, and naive, using Shy Grey to turn Cali Dreamin’ on its head by providing the grizzled perspective of a weathered industry veteran. The classic moody sample and Landoh‘s emotive melodies drenched in contemplation make the Rat Pack alumnus assisted cut a fitting single for the newcomer’s brand new debut: the aptly titled Turbulence LP.


Possessing a pronounced affinity for music, both rhythmically and therapeutically, Michigan native Landoh began raising money for studio time at the age of 16. We’re all shaped by our own experiences and he’s no different, using his music as a vehicle to guide younger versions of himself that were forced to become adults before their time. Valuing hard work and love of country are also foundational tenets of the Michigan spitter’s sound; he very much tows the line here, balancing U.S. Army National Guard membership with long work weeks and a dogged pursuit of the industry. Capable as a vocalist and an emcee, this young, hungry, everyman warrior has emerged for the long haul with Turbulence.


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