#THQPremiere Langston Doobs – “If Ya Luv Yaself” (Official Video) | @langstondoobs


Langston Doobs

A feel-good record with a groovy visual to match, Seattle based artist Langston Doobs cruising into the fall season in a self-love mobile with his latest track If Ya Luv Yaself.

Blending contemporary RnB sounds with West Coast, Hip Hop flow, Doobs embraces his differences on the beat and encourages his listeners to do so as well. Influenced by music greats like Marvin Gaye, Kenny G, and Tame Impala, the young musician prided himself on creating lyrically edgy and melodic records that would within time. Transparency bleeding through his music, Langston Doobs channeled the depression he experienced after dropping out of college into creating his debut, solo EP Reflections of Self. Uncertainty and fear drove the inspiration behind the project; revealing to listeners a truth most see within themselves.

Constantly realizing the importance of evolving and transcending one’s reality, Langston Doobs If Ya Luv Yaself is an ode to both his happiness and everyone who listens!