Lano Bandz – War

Lano Bandz

Lano Bandz comes out with his guns blazing on the intense single, “War”

Known professionally as Lano Bandz, Djuan Lanord Keys, born July 14,1995, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter who was raised by his single mother in Jacksonville, Florida. He began recording in the closet of his room, with only the the use of his laptop as a teenager.

In his later years of experience, Bandz collaborated with well known producer, Nicky Glassez, to work on his first mixtape “The Product”, which gained him a substantial amount of attention. As he furthered in his music career, he opened up for Shannell of Young Money music label. In March of 2018, his second mixtape “23” was released, which had features from Florida artist Baby Soulja (who is affiliated with Badazz Music Sydicate).

Lano Bandz was involved in a trademark battle late August 2018 when his name was stolen and trademarked, causing all of expanding music to be deleted on all on platforms. Later stated in an Instagram video that caused him to go viral, “This is just a sign of pure hate and it won’t do nothing but make me go harder for real”.

The ever growing name Lano Bandz was emerged from a minor battle to fame. Today, he continues to rise in the music industry with relentless drive, and seeks to rise to the status of legend through his musical influence.


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