Forward-thinking, Miley Cyrus-backed French pop outfit Las Aves have revealed their highly anticipated sophomore album, I’ll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It. Featuring the boppy “Fuck It”, sickly sweet “A Change of Heart”, and thrashing “You Need A Dog”, its final standout single is a manifesto of self love packed with inspiration called “Worth It”. The track comes equipped with a music video directed by Jules Cassignol that finds a mysterious woman in New York City (played by amateur actress Circe Bloom) where post-apocalyptic scenes serve as the backdrop to her pursuit of self-acceptance.

On the topic of “Worth It”, vocalist Géraldine Baux explains, “It’s an important song for me, as it is what I would have liked to hear in my teenage years. For many of us girls, we feel a crushing pressure on our body. To be perfect, to be thinner, to be stronger. It can be very devastating, even leading to anorexia or bulimia. This song is about freeing yourself from it and taking your power back.”

The aforementioned “A Change Of Heart” featured a gorgeous music video that tracks a love story between two young girls that meet on a TV show and eventually escape from it, to leave their love in the “real world.” As for “You Need A Dog”, it found a music video shot on 35mm film that’s a colorfully nostalgic piece where the protagonist elopes on a honeymoon with her four-legged lover.

After the release of their smash 2016 debut album, Die In Shanghai, Las Aves brought their sound (described as “gloss-coated, punch-throwing pop” by DIY) to the world with performances at the likes of Liverpool Sound City and Great Escape. Their journey eventually brought them back to the depths of a Parisian studio as they went to work on their sophomore full-length which is out now.



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