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Join Rockford, Illinois emcee The Last Wordbender as he gives us an up close and personal view of what it really takes to chase dreams while juggling the nine to five gig on “Fast Food & No Sleep”

“Fast Food & No Sleep” is the lead single from The Last Wordbender & DJ BrickRock‘s upcoming sophomore album, “Rumble In The Rock”. The song is an ode to the grind, serving up the mantra of “Fast Food & No Sleep” to anyone working hard to pursue a dream or a goal. The video was shot by Jaime Perez of Pistolz Productions. Jaime also shot TLW’s “Now is the Time 4 Me” and “Love is a TRAP!: The B-Side Remixes” videos.

The video features The Last Wordbender punching the clock, rocking the stage and managing to grab a bite to eat while traveling between the job and the gig. The storyline is based on his history working retail and going to school.  All the while trying to record music and further his career as a Hip Hop artist. The video features local Rockford, Illinois restaurants such Happy Wok, Da Catch and the legendary, Uncle Nick’s. UK’s DresdecO Clothing provided a fit for The Wordbender to rock in the video, as well.

The Last Wordbender is a 2017 Rockford Area Music Industry (RAMI) Nominee in the Rap/Hip-Hop category. He will be performing within the Rockford area on the following dates:

  • April 29th at Mandalay Lounge
  • Friday, May 5th at the Revolu-Senerio Art Show at the R-Strong Movement Facility
  • Sunday May 7th at Katie’s Cup

He will also host a “Rumble In The Rock” listening party and concert, when the album releases this summer.

Stay updated on everything relating to The Last Wordbender by following him on his social media platforms.

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