Lee Trebeaux Releases New Album “Saiyanman” | @LeeTRBL |

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ; Lee Trebeaux is a multi-talented songwriter, mixer, engineer, arranger, and musician whose award-winning work has been heard by listeners around the globe. Today, he releases 12 stunning pieces on his debut album titled “Saiyanman” which is his first official multi-platform release on all major platforms and the first official release from his label, Kuthaus Records.

Saiyanman navigates the twisting rhythms of foot stompers and funky piano melodies with a jazzy agility while sounding like TRBL is having fun with it in the process. Eccentric piano and slide guitar flourishes, along with vocal harmonies that convey both power and personality are what will leave the listener coming back for more.

Check out the album above and be sure to follow him on social media at @LeeTRBL


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