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LeeSon Bryce, Dave East, JL & Krayzie Bone Go Crazy on Insanity | @leesonbryce @DaveEast @iamKrayzieBone

Kansas City emcee LeeSon Bryce is back with a Hip Hop banger guaranteed to make you question your sanity. Insanity, featuring Dave East, JL and Krayzie Bone, is go-getter track laced with all the elements of one rising to the top and shooting for the throne.

Comprised of crazy verses laid by some of raps greatest legends and rising stars, sultry vocals on the hook and a chilling beat, Insanity calls mortality and the afterlife to the forefront as it plays on the heart strums of its listeners. Enveloped by Hip Hop, and the demons therein, Insanity is an introspective record; showcases LeeSon’s skilled flow alongside a Hip Hop legend, Krayzie Bone.

Poised and diligent on the mic, LeeSon Bryce stands as a valuable piece in raps game of chess. And as he questions his sanity, Bryce draws listeners close, causes them to question their own.






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