LegenDerry x Phresh LaRosa- Bad Influence (Video)


A phenomenal lyricist, with the ability and drive to make a mark on this genre, LegenDerry is one of the premier rappers in the scene today. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, LegenDerry began chasing his dream in the 9th grade. Like fellow Pittsburgh MCs, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, he found his musical muse at a very young age. After discovering his musical talent and ambition, he placed his focus on writing, recording, and producing his own music. Through his undying ambition and versatile lyrics, it is evident that LegenDerry stands apart from the rest. He discovered a unique style which is embedded in each of his verses to this day. LegenDerry possesses an extremely original and articulate flow, separated from the competition by his lyrical genius.

Growing up in the lower class of Pittsburgh, Phresh LaRosa learned early about life struggles and how to make ends meet regardless of any situation. The early years of his life instilled an incomparable drive and hunger for success, but never diminished his positive outlook on life. He created #Lonerz to bring everyone going through tough times, any sort of racism, sexism, poverty, etc. together, and create an all for one, one for all community. The music Phresh makes is inspired by split-second emotions, which he intensifies with artistry to make that split second seemingly last an eternity while the song plays. Ultimately, the #Lonerz intend to bring joy to the world through music, peace, love, and unity.

Coming from opposite sides of the tracks, the #Lonerz have one mission: inspire unity through music. Their latest collaborative project, entitled “Bad Influence,” revolves around misinterpretations and the hardships of their consequences.


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Phresh LaRosa

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