Léla Sophia – State Of Design (Produced By RHAKU)


Moroccan songstress Léla Sophia looks to music producer RHAKU for the Neo-Soul spectacular “State Of Design” –

Léla Sophia’s music entices and fills a void we never knew existed. Hailing from the heart of Soho in New York City, the Moroccan and European singer/songwriter’s art speaks not of timeless love, or heartbreak, but of personal ruminations often overlooked by mainstream songwriters. While Sophia was classically trained, her jazz vocal stylings were honed while attending the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Now a recent graduate from the university, Léla joins the ranks of fellow alumni Robert Glasper and Jesse Boykins III and is ready to set in motion a very promising music career.

Her angelic voice overwhelmingly entrances, effortlessly dancing between complex chords and harmonies giving a sophisticated sound to Neo-Soul and R&B. Her performances marry the vocal styles of Nancy Wilson with modern artists like Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, pulling from her background in classical and jazz training.

Here latest little diddy comes in the form of the RHAKU-produced “State Of Design”. With a voice that could make a grown man cry, Léla shares the lost and found cycle of love, hence the clever title of the song. The layered Rhodes set the tone over some simple yet precise drum programming, setting the stage for Sophia to share not only her endearment tale but to showcase her highly polished vocal talents. Press play and catch the feels.