Lend Me Your Ear (feat. Masta Ace & Katie Jae) – Rainy Day

Austin based hip-hop group Lend Me Your Ear are quietly building up to their sophomore full-length release dropping the latest single “Rainy Day” which sees full light on digital platforms Friday Oct 11th. This latest offering from the upcoming album titled Forbidden features 2x Billboard top 25 artist, hip-hop legend Masta Ace, as well as the smooth, sexy vocal sounds of Katie Jae. Staying true to the group’s newfound musical direction and evolving sound, “Rainy Day” is a smooth soulful arrangement, paired perfectly with the vocal contributions of Ace and Jae. “Rainy Day” is one track of two featured on Lend Me Your Ear’s upcoming full-length the release Forbidden that features legends from the hip-hop realm (More info soon). Forbidden sees full release on Nov 15th with an album release party set Nov 14th at Austin’s Empire Control Room.

Lend Me Your Ear’s beginnings can be traced to and Uber ride in which lead emcee, Klein Klimp offered an Uber ride to a very intoxicated producer named Stank XM, during which they shared their musical interests, eventually exchanging demos. The two released their debut album in 2017 titled Ours (One Uber Ride Share) taking listeners on a sonic trip, lyrically exploring socioeconomics, love, lust, and loss within mesmerizing sounds reminiscent of no time in particular. With experience far beyond their years, and perspectives spanning race and class, Lend Me Your Ear search around, within, and beyond to try and answer the unanswerable. With their sound, they honor hip-hop’s roots while pushing the genre forward.


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