Lend Me Your Ear – Luv EXP (feat. Casey Dion)

Lend Me Your Ear is a three-piece hip-hop group from Austin, Texas. Their debut album, Ours, takes listeners on a sonic trip, exploring socioeconomics, hallucinations, love, lust, and loss over mesmerizing sounds reminiscent of no time in particular. With experience far beyond their years, and perspectives spanning race and class, Lend Me Your Ear search around, within, and beyond to try and answer the unanswerable. With Ours, they honor hip-hop’s roots while pushing the genre forward.

So different, yet so familiar. Funky, sexy, and cool, Luv EXP is Lend Me Your Ear’s follow-up to their modest-hit single Rainy Day featuring Masta Ace (10k Spotify plays in three weeks). Their sophomore album, Forbidden, drops this Thursday November 14. Their album release party is being held at Austin’s historic Empire Control Room, ground zero for Austin’s national and local hip-hop scene. Keep an eye out for their next single with members of the Dungeon Family and other Stankonia Studios collaborations.


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