Leo Nite Presents The Electro-Soul Sounds Of “Crystallized” | @manimalvinyl |


“Crystallized” is the latest Electro-Soul gem from Portland-based artist, Leo Nite, that is sure to put you into a relaxed state of mind –

The track’s R&B feel reminds us of Drake or Homeshake, whereas the more electronic elements seem to draw inspiration from artists like Daft Punk, especially in it’s use of vocoder and vocal samples. In contrast with the single’s addictive rhythmic groove, Nite’s ambient, reverb-washed vocals serve to elevate the song to an entirely dreamlike state. Leo Nite’s first summer release came right on time; hear his debut single, “Crystallized”, courtesy of Manimal Records.

Leo Nite began working on music as a way to escape the rigid world of scientific research. His first two releases, Compositions and Goodnight From Channel 2, were born out of a desire to flex and express Nite’s creative side. Despite the lack of intention, both releases gained Nite a small following and gained critical praise within the confines of the blogosphere.

Encouraged, Nite began working on his next project, Split, an attempt to reconcile his divided and often conflicting musical and personal background. Split deals with the feeling of being drawn in two directions and follows Nite on his search for a precious Crystal, a metaphor for something the world has labeled as valuable, but which might turn out be a hollow and meaningless prize.

Drawing from the rhythm heavy world of R&B and Hip Hop, taking notes from guitar gods of yesteryear, all the while reveling in dreamy melodies and spacey soundscapes, Nite’s music is a truly unique combination not to be found anywhere else.