Lexxicon battles between the forces of good & evil on “Angel/Devil” | @OfficiaLexxicon |



Canada singer Lexxicon battles between the forces of good & evil on his first release of 2018, “Angel/Devil” –

Lexxicon grew up in Toronto and is a Jamaican/Canadian R&B artist with a diverse range of influences. Growing in a very religious household, he only came into contact with secular music during high school while he did a musical theater program. Despite feeling lost during his time at school, music is what kept him going through all the exams, essays and loss of close family members. Majorly influenced by Rihanna and Vybz Kartel, he won’t be afraid to take musical risks and will continue to use music and photography as self-expression.

His latest release comes in the form of “Angel/Devil”, a mixture of Reggae and R&B rhythms. Lexxicon explains how this particular woman looks like an angel but talks dirty like the devil. When the temptation grows heavy and the temperature skyrockets, what will Lexx do exactly? Check out the song below and find out.