Lil Ak (DJ Akademiks) Drops New Song “Blues Clues”



Lil Ak (DJ Akademiks) drops new song called blues clues


Move over Mumble Rappers, there’s a new rapper on the scene and he goes by Lil Ak aka DJ Akademiks. Listening to this song, I was quite impressed by the flow and the delivery of the bars. The YouTube commentator, and host of complex’s Everyday struggle shows that anybody could transition to be a rapper.

The assist of autotune makes it a cool catchy song to vibe too. Speaking his truth of living in his mother’s basement trying make it out. Although talking bout his life in a parody way; this comedic route works for Lil Ak. Got me feeling like I’m DJ Akademiks myself.

Lil Ak send shots at Artist Vic Mensa stating that “A million views we up next Vic Mensa upset”.  Apparently lil ak doesn’t ride waves because he creates them. Take notice to the henny drinking rapper debut track above. Guarantee you’ll catch a vibe listening to this song. S/o to all the chat N**gas around the world.

Follow DJ Akademiks on YouTube and look out for his new music soon.