Lil Mikey TMB Drops #TruthBeTold With DJ Scream | @MoneyBoyMikey |

Oakland recording artist Lil Mikey TMB releases his highly anticipated mixtape “Truth Be Told” hosted by Hoodrich Ent founder DJ Scream. The 12 track compilation features production from Evil G, SM Tracks, and Terrell Cotton; along with features from Jasmin Cadavid and Tracy T. Laced with airy production, Lil Mikey TMB puts his seemingly effortless flow on display, as well as his tendency to create catchy, melodic hooks making him unstoppable. Check the new mixtape above, and see more about Mikey below:

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Lil Mikey TMB has been labeled one of the hottest and fastest rising artist working from some of the industry’s influential and music pioneers! Although, Lil Mikey TMB can easily be identified in the southeast region, he was born and raised in Oakland, California. He began rapping at the age of 10 years old, and although rapping on your mom’s answering machine isn’t your typical musical background, it set foundation for the great things he had to come! Mikey became fascinated with the street lifestyle at age 12 years old which directly relates to the content he’s put out over the years. Artistic in his lyrical delivery and distinction in his presence, Lil Mikey TMB has shown career growth even faced with obstacles that surround his upbringing. His background never stopped him from pushing towards the evolution of his music career, which eventually led to him leaving that lifestyle alone and fully indulging in his craft.

The bay area hip-hop crooner was influenced heavily by his uncle in his teenage years, MONEY-B of the legendary, 2PAC & THE DIGITAL UNDERGROUND. By (2006) age 16, Lil Mikey started taking music in Hip Hop more serious by recording songs for Myspace while printing up his first mixtape to distribute in the city.

Lil Mikey TMB debuted his first single “Better Day” in 2010 off his solo mixtape called “Yung, Rich, Fly & Flashy.” This single was a symbolism of his artistry, set the city on fire, and would let every rap critic know that Lil Mikey TMB is a force to be reckoned with on the Bay area music scene. In 2012, the label parted ways due to differences, and Lil Mikey TMB released his second mixtape called “M.O. E MIXTAPE”(MIKEY.OVA.EVERYTHING). During this time, Lil Mikey got caught in gun crossfire, and was shot five times in which led him into a coma for -3- weeks.