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“Dig Up My Grave is a song about four different breakups that happened all at once in my life last summer. Although the nature of each breakup and relationship were different I found a connective theme in each relationship of toxicity. Dig up my grave speaks to not only moving on from toxic relationships but of wanting more from the people in my life. People with whom I would not find a relationship grave and If we were to get there, they would fight with me to bring us back.” – Little Coyote

The Toronto-based, solo based project Little Coyote (Teagan Johnstonformed in 2015. The debut album, “The Trouble With Teeth”, was funded by a Canada Council for the Arts grant, and released by EggHunt Records (Richmond VA) on October 13th 2017. The new single, “Witness” was released on March 1st, 2019.

Little Coyote has gained praise from Noisey, George Strombolopulous (Strombo show CBC), Sidewalk Hustle, Exclaim! Pop Matters and Spotify’s “Indie All Stars” and “New Music Fridays” playlists.


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