Living In The Digital Age of music: Is Streaming Hurting Creators

Living In the Digital Age Of Music.

Is streaming hurting the creators?

It’s tough to make a profit in the music Industry as some were to do years ago. living In the digital age, The music industry has drastically changed. since record sales  from your favorite musicians has been plummeting. Audio streaming sites like Tidal, spotify, Itunes, etc. That presents you with the choice to listen to your favorite artists has been dominating the marketplace. since streaming took it’s surface it has been frustrating for artist to receive compensation for their work. As well maintain the lifestyle that they were accustom to living. I mean yeah, From the consumer point of view on it it can be a great thing. After all music is supposed to be free right?.

Websites that provide free content like youtube, soundcloud, & Not only is it similar to the term bootlegging . It’s difficult to calculate how much the creators actually make of each record being streamed.  1 million streams from Pandora is worth 90 U.S Dollars. Thus makes it extremely difficult to live off in today’s world as a song writer.

Due to today’s climate the cost of marketing and promoting A record increases daily. In addition to receiving only little percentage back on the R.O.I (return on the investment). If 1,500 steams equals 1 album sale. streaming services  only giving A fraction of A penny out per stream. the only one’s that are benefiting from this are the labels. Furthermore  this leads to this question; is streaming music hurting the creators such as the songwriters?



      • Although most site like Youtube let artists set up monetization for compensation. For an artist to really start generating income depends on the views per video make as well as number of videos on the channel/page that belongs to the artist. Youtube give out $.80 per 1,000 views. it’s impossible for an artist to see real money from unless they got a Hugh buzz.


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