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South central native LJ Hunter was born on June 16th, 1998 and was raised by two immigrant Belizean parents. His father was a 20 year Air Force vet and his mother worked at the embassy in Washington D.C. He was born on Andrews Air Force Base in Landover, Maryland after four years of marriage his parents divorced and his mother moved young him and his sister to South Central LA where the majority of his huge Belizean family already resided.

During this time he developed a fascination for multiple genres of music but mainly hip-hop, rap, pop, and rock. He grew up on early 2000s hip hop dominated by Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne, he also grew to love alternative artist such as Kid Cudi, Paramore, and Two Door Cinema Club. In the fourth grade LJ HUNTER moved to Tampa, Florida then eventually Broward County Florida during this time LJ HUNTER lived in Coral Springs where he began listening to more pop artists such as Maroon 5.

Since moving from South Central eventually, moving to multiple houses across southern Florida LJ HUNTER returned to Southern California after five years as a sophomore at Frederick Douglass High School. While attending Frederick Douglass LJ HUNTER often listened to Chief Keef and other Chicago drill artists. As a kid LJ HUNTER would visit his grandparents house every summer located on Chicago’s Southside. During these visits he would spend most of his time with his older cousin Ronald who showed him almost every corner of Chicago but on January 5th, 2016 his beloved cousin Ronald was shot and killed LJ HUNTER used the heartbreak to create “1744: Young, Lost, & Confused” his non-commercial debut mixtape was released January 5th, 2017 (the one year anniversary of Ronald’s death) and spawned the singles “Lit Forever” & “Therapy Session Pt. 1.”

Later on that year LJ HUNTER released his first official release “Live Young” produced by in-house producers Jay Nice, Teegee On The Beat, and Love under Los Angeles Indie label BREADHOUSELA. The bulk of the 19 year-old’s catalogue was released in 2017 including two features on frequent collaborator Rawgi’s “Mind Of A G.” Since releasing “Live Young” the young eccentric storytelling artist with a rockstar vibe has been poised to lead the LA South Central music scene into the future with the rest of the BREADHOUSE team. LJ HUNTER makes each song a new experience and mood as you are brought through stories of struggle, triumph, heartbreak, teenage love, and break-ups, while also going from happy emotions to darker emotions.

LJ HUNTER is the epitome of gemini and lives inside steep contrasts the versatile artist can switch between auto-tuned love songs to deep therapeutic songs that are sang and also rapped. LJ HUNTER is ending 2017 with “500 Days Of Autumn” the lead single from “TheBreadTape” LJ HUNTER is an exciting new artist who is currently working on the upcoming release of his third mixtape “Gemini Complex” coming sometime in 2018.


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