LKeys Has Had A Great Year 2019

LKeys has had a busy year indeed. Releasing 6 tracks in 2019, we would like to pay respect to the work ethic instilled in this incredible artist. 2019 gave birth to “Ballin On Them”, “You Deserve That”, “Vibes”, “Thot Tales”, “Blue Faces”, “Bag On Me” are all tracks that you can find through out his social media pages. Now we have “Slidin” which already past 1 thousand views in the first week. Directed by VVS PRODUCTIONS

Watch carefully as LKeys shows out on some acting skills in the “Slidin” official video. This song pays homage to “Ha” by Juvenile, mentioning We The Best with references to the late Tupac and Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) as well. The reason we chose “Slidin” to review is the momentum created online and the catchy melodic vibes. This is an anthem to the young men who slide on the ops. Let us know if its a bop!

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