Lo Village – The Death of Lo Village

Lo Village

The title to Lo Village’s “The Death of Lo Village” came about during a rocky period for the group. With everyone being pulled in different directions due to internal turmoil, TDOLV became a suitable name.

Emcee, Kane begins his verse rapping about an encounter with a woman whose only interest is in men with money and affluence.

Following Kane’s verse, fellow emcee, Charles Tyler also pin points a type of female that does whatever is necessary to get the finer things in life. Ama’s hook and bridge personify the truth of the fact, this generation is short term driven. Finally, the song is tied together with a monologue by Tyler.

Lo-Village burst onto the scene in 2016 with their debut project “Last Summer”, earning acclaim from the likes of ELEVATOR, 2DPOPEBOYZ and more. Keen your ears peeled for more this exciting trio over the next months.


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