London Artist Joey BASE Releases “Sliding” | @joeybasen2s |

Joey BASE Releases ‘Sliding’ with a infectious catchy hook. He raps about his come up, the changes in his life how he made it out of his previous life to making music and being acknowledged for his music. He raps with a flamboyant flow not to glamorise but to applaud himself for coming from such a dark place to such a positive place in his life. Explaining what it took to get there and what came withe the hard work.

With punch lines like “Aint nothing ever faze me”, “Left home I was thirteen, Young Teen!”, “Trapped out of that nightmare, now my gyms on the top floor”. “From the bottom up, I call it n2s”. N2S Is Joey’s own record label he signed himself to and gained his own distribution deal, he briefly touches on how record labels trying to sign his publishing and owning his masters when he says “I aint signing for less than 20 bricks” he’s dropping gems on the upcoming artist that labels will approach you and try to take what you’ve built know your value! 20 bricks can be anything for 600,000 to 3million pounds.

Joey clearly has a plan and we can only imagine what he has planned for 2019. Since his release in August 2016 Joey has constantly released tracks and music videos and has been slowly building his fan base, Gaining support from the likes of BBC 1xtra, Capital FM, Capital Xtra being placed on radio playlists supported by huge Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday that even top tier level record labels struggle to get their artist on Joey is truly an upcoming music mogul. Enjoying the process he states the less support you get the more you have to do on your own and the more knowledge you acquire.


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