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Louie V Louie V Gutta’s new project “New Legend 2” effortlessly blends the street centered lyricism that is deeply etched in Philly’s Hip Hop history with the catchy melodies and hooks that move the new generation. The album features Young Chris and Oschino from the famed Rocafella Records group “State Property”. A group, hand picked by Jay-Z, that in the early 2000’s solidified Philly as a go to city for true to life lyricism. It also features Lil Uzi Vert, Philly’s break out star who is nominated as “Best New Artist” in the 2018 Grammy Awards.

On the surface that alone would be enough evidence of blending Philly’s rich history with its bright future but when listening to “New Legend 2” it’s Louie’s songwriting ability and versatility as an artist that shines brightest. Tracks like “Less Than A God” and “Time Chamber” have enough bars to impress a Hip Hop purist while “Blue Check” and “Boomin” are infectiously melodic and sure to be a hit with the youth. Louie even showcases his storytelling ability with “T.A.N (Trap All Night)” a wildly catchy record about a young lady who doesn’t need a man to provide for her.
“New Legend 2” drops via TrapStreet/Exponent Music on 12.08.17 and will be available everywhere music is sold or streamed.



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